ResurgentU – Today’s the Day

ResurgentU – Today’s the Day! Your Mindful Journal, provides a contemplative platform for you to customize your personal and professional growth through reflection and mindful guidance.
Reawaking your once vibrant you, requires prompting. Cast aside the human anchors of doubt, despair, confusion, envy, jealously and that all around funk that weighs you down.
This uplifting journal will provide you that nudge you desire to get you back into the game of life. With daily, or weekly, journaling and a 5-minute mindful reboot to start anew each day, you will be in a position to seek clarity and purpose.
Research has shown positive thoughts set the stage for better health, better relationships, better decisions, and all-around better life choices. Why would you not want this for yourself? Be intentional with a positive purpose and match your mindset to the joy you desire.
This enlightening journal presents a mantra, in combination with a framework of intentional thoughts and actions, to prompt thought-provoking contemplation. Only you can truly chart your path to a happier and healthier you mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually.
Life is about executing the set-up so you can stick the landing. If you don’t practice how you want to live, you won’t live the way you practice. When you are done perfecting yourself; only then, can you work on perfecting others. This is going to take a lifetime so you’re going to have to put fixing others on the backburner.
ResurgentU -Today’s the Day! Your Mindful Journal is the gateway to a better you. There’s only one caveat. You have to be willing to put in hard work, time, attention, focus and effort. You are the only one that can take action to change your direction in life.

Ascending the Ranks: Growing into a Revered Leader

ROSANNE RICHEAL, is an author, host of ResurgentU -Today’s the Day personal growth podcast and mindful journal, a certified speaker and leadership coach with the John Maxwell Team, as well as a certified Advanced Relationship coach in Strategic Intervention.

As a leadership and personal growth professional, she discusses pivotal moments and critical decisions that led her to becoming a leader worth following. Serving over three decades as a public safety professional, in both Emergency Medical Services (EMS) and Law Enforcement, she ascended the ranks to reach the proverbial glass ceiling as both a Sheriff’s Chief Deputy and municipal Chief of Police.

In her leadership memoir, she speaks to some of the crucial decisions that challenged her values, judgments, assumptions, and moral compass as she navigated the internal and external politics of promoting in a predominantly male profession.

Learning how to grow into a reverent leader took looking into the mirror of her own personal truth to find purpose, perseverance, and most of all the confidence to succeed. In this book, Rosanne unlocks the five essential leadership traits (Character, Competence, Compassion, Courage and Commitment) all leaders must possess to elevate themselves and their team into a thriving force of success.

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This course is needed at every level. It would be great if this could be provided for new hires.

Outstanding presentation.  Very impressed that you did not hold back. Many people in class needed to hear about expectations in the work place.

This was a great class in that a potentially dry subject was presented in a relatable and entertaining way.

I feel validated and empowered.

A well structured and informative class. Instructor was well versed in the subject matter and was able to convey information.

I have never worked with her (Chief Richeal) before, and after spending the day in her class, I am sorry I haven’t. She has solid theories on leadership and it’s successful application.

Fantastic! Thanks for asking the hard questions, encouraging reflection, and creating a safe environment for discussion.

This course is one of many factors that have pushed me beyond some self-imposed limits.

This information will be helpful in both my work and personal life.

Everything that Chief Richeal talked about really resonated with me. I felt challenged to look at myself as the source of good leadership, and think about what I needed to do to make myself a more impactful leader.

This course should be taken by all. The best leadership class I’ve taken.

The relaxed attitude of the class made it a lot more fun and interesting. Fantastic class!

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