Our goal in leadership development and personal and professional coaching is to provide individuals and organizations with a framework of sustained cognitive and emotional competence skills needed to improve performance and reach maximum success.

Our approach to training and coaching is based on creating a relationship of mutual trust and open dialogue aimed at improving self-awareness, confidence, internal well-being, and growth for an overall sense of purpose.


To accelerate leadership potential in individuals seeking positive life change.


To provide leaders with core cognitive and emotional competence skills to create self-directed solutions.


To give meaning to sustained
​personal and professional growth.



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ROSANNE RICHEAL, Founder of the Richeal Group, is a leadership development strategist and executive coach, an author and host of ResurgentU-Today’s the Day! personal growth and leadership podcast, a certified speaker, coach, and trainer with The John Maxwell Team, as well as a certified Advanced Relationship coach in Strategic Intervention.

Today, she speaks at professional leadership conferences, teaches leadership and personal growth workshops, and coaches individuals and organizations on how to accelerate the leadership potential in their most valued asset, their employees.

Serving over three decades as a public safety professional, in both the Emergency Medical Services (EMS) and Law Enforcement, she has ascended the ranks to reach the proverbial glass ceiling as both a Sheriff’s Chief Deputy and municipal Chief of Police.

During her public safety career, she realized years of exposure to workplace dynamics and the internal and external politics associated with climbing the career ladder, has created a profound impact on her passion to grow as a credible leader and develop those in her sphere of influence.

Rosanne holds a B.A. Degree in Criminal Justice Management, is a graduate of the LAPD West Point Leadership Program, and the Leadership Rancho Cordova Program. She also serves as an Adjunct Faculty member with the International Academy of Public Safety and the National Command and Staff College.

She has received awards naming her EMT and Officer of the Year and numerous commendations and acknowledgements for outstanding service from community leaders and elected officials. Her breadth of experience in the public sector has provided her with a unique and diverse set of leadership attributes she uses to help others reach their highest potential and realize their most sought-after goals.

Rosanne has helped many leaders become more confident and influential in their daily interactions by using a blend of personal experience, best current coaching knowledge, and cognitive and emotional competence theories in her training, speaking and coaching workshops.

I would like to say that I appreciate you for offering the courses and making them so enjoyable and interesting. I have to say that I have started to exercise some of the suggestions from your trainings. I have received positive responses and the results are very positive as well. Looking forward to more of your workshops in the future. 

Vernadette F.

Sacramento, CA

Another Richeal Group Course that doesn’t disappoint. The content was deep and intense and something every employee and manager should experience.

Meagan E.

Rancho Cordova, CA

Excellent course for self-improvement and improvement of others. Demonstrated great passion and knowledge. Highly recommend for all who want to self-improve.

Paul J.

Sacramento, CA

This was a very informative class. I will now be able to handle the negative Nancy’s at my job who have caused great strife (without losing my job). All around great stuff. The instructor is awesome. She really knows here stuff.

Lorraine B.

Butte, CA

Your professional and inspirational reputation precedes you. It was a privilege to be able to take one of your courses. The coaching tools and content in your course are vital to women leaders in the community. Thank you for your time.

Shannon B.

Sacramento, CA

I really enjoyed the class. It opened my eyes to what I can improve on, want to improve on, and how I can be a better peer to others.

Dharsy Y.

Sacramento, CA

The instructor was fantastic; her method of delivery of the information was interesting. She kept the class focused and engaged in communication amongst each other regarding the topics.

C. Swint

Butte, CA

The class was applicable, relevant, and helpful for people of all backgrounds and line of work. Rosanne was informative and challenged us to think critically about various topics and points of view.

Shannon R.

Roseville, CA

I like how Ms. Richeal lead the class in open discussions in ways that were relevant to course materials and connecting leadership to our personal and professional lives. People like Rosanne are far and few between. She has an infectious personality and a positive demeanor that draws people in like a magnet. People want to hear what you have to say. I have become one of those people.

Michelle H.

Roseville, CA

Rosanne is the real deal. She provides meaningful content in an approachable manner. Attendees walk away with an overflowing toolbox with the knowledge and skills to face the future head-on.

M. Fisher

Sacramento, CA

There is so much to learn, it could be longer than a 1-day class. I’m excited to go to work tomorrow and apply what I have learned.

Alexsis Y.

Sacramento, CA

I wanted to say thank you again for such an amazing class! I was not sure what to expect and I was so happy I had the opportunity to attend. I left feeling inspired and motivated. Everyone should take this class and apply your theories on leadership. Imagine, what an amazing work place it would be! I am disappointed I did not have the chance to work for you. It would have been a pleasure. We need more strong true leaders like yourself. Thank you.

Brianne F.

Sacramento, CA

The course requires that you look deeply into yourself and how you lead and that is necessary to learn and grow not only as a leader, but a person.

Tina A.

Sacramento, CA

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