About Us


Our goal in leadership development and personal and professional coaching is to provide individuals and organizations with a framework of sustained cognitive and emotional competence skills needed to improve performance and reach maximum success.

Our approach to training and coaching is based on creating a relationship of mutual trust and open dialogue aimed at improving self-awareness, confidence, internal well-being, and growth for an overall sense of purpose.

Founder of the Richeal Group


ROSANNE RICHEAL is a leadership development strategist and executive coach, an author and host of ResurgentU-Today’s the Day! personal growth and leadership podcast, a certified speaker, coach, and trainer with The John Maxwell Team, as well as a certified Advanced Relationship coach in Strategic Intervention.

Today, she speaks at professional leadership conferences, teaches leadership and personal growth workshops, and coaches individuals and organizations on how to accelerate the leadership potential in their most valued asset, their employees.

Serving over three decades as a public safety professional, in both the Emergency Medical Services (EMS) and Law Enforcement, she has ascended the ranks to reach the proverbial glass ceiling as both a Sheriff’s Chief Deputy and municipal Chief of Police.

During her public safety career, she realized years of exposure to workplace dynamics and the internal and external politics associated with climbing the career ladder, has created a profound impact on her passion to grow as a credible leader and develop those in her sphere of influence.

Rosanne holds a B.A. Degree in Criminal Justice Management, is a graduate of the LAPD West Point Leadership Program, and the Leadership Rancho Cordova Program. She also serves as an Adjunct Faculty member with the International Academy of Public Safety and the National Command and Staff College.

She has received awards naming her EMT and Officer of the Year and numerous commendations and acknowledgements for outstanding service from community leaders and elected officials. Her breadth of experience in the public sector has provided her with a unique and diverse set of leadership attributes she uses to help others reach their highest potential and realize their most sought-after goals.

Rosanne has helped many leaders become more confident and influential in their daily interactions by using a blend of personal experience, best current coaching knowledge, and cognitive and emotional competence theories in her training, speaking and coaching workshops.