As an Executive Coach, specializing in Leadership Development and Career Advancement, I have helped many individuals, all levels in their career, achieve personal and professional success. I will work with you to:


  • Develop a crystal clear vision of your desired success
  • Uncover hidden challenges and beliefs sabotaging your career advancement
  • Implement immediate and sustainable solutions to achieve lasting results

As your Leadership and Career Coach, I will work with you, your team, or both to identify unique strengths, define goals, clarify values and purpose, and achieve the highest level of personal and professional success.

Coaching is not therapy nor a medical remedy. Coaching is a trusted and confidential relationship between the coach and client with the express purpose of helping the client create a clearer vision for personal growth and improved performance. 

Together, we will develop and apply tailor-made strategies to help you overcome the obstacles precluding you from achieving your personal and professional best.  By elevating your self-awareness, conquering limiting beliefs, and creating self-directed solutions, you will discover you can personally design the positive change you desire and deserve in your life. All you need is a partner-in-change. 

If you’re looking to create immediate and profound change in your career, and develop key leadership qualities that will launch you into the next level of success, call me today to receive a no-fee Leadership Strategy Session.

Whether you’re entering the workforce, transitioning to a new career, desiring a promotion, or changing job assignments, I will be your partner-in-change to help you to realize your dreams, achieve your goals, and discover your purpose.

Let’s make YOUR SUCCESS happen today!

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This course is needed at every level. It would be great if this could be provided for new hires.

Outstanding presentation.  Very impressed that you did not hold back. Many people in class needed to hear about expectations in the work place.

This was a great class in that a potentially dry subject was presented in a relatable and entertaining way.

I feel validated and empowered.

A well structured and informative class. Instructor was well versed in the subject matter and was able to convey information.

I have never worked with her (Chief Richeal) before, and after spending the day in her class, I am sorry I haven’t. She has solid theories on leadership and it’s successful application.

Fantastic! Thanks for asking the hard questions, encouraging reflection, and creating a safe environment for discussion.

This course is one of many factors that have pushed me beyond some self-imposed limits.

This information will be helpful in both my work and personal life.

Everything that Chief Richeal talked about really resonated with me. I felt challenged to look at myself as the source of good leadership, and think about what I needed to do to make myself a more impactful leader.

This course should be taken by all. The best leadership class I’ve taken.

The relaxed attitude of the class made it a lot more fun and interesting. Fantastic class!

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