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Frequently Asked Questions
Leadership coaching is an intentional means to maximize and elevate your leadership potential, effectiveness, and success in a time-efficient manner.
Successful leaders possess moral character, competence, compassion, courage, commitment, trustworthiness, openness, integrity, ethical values, and a vision leading to success
When leaders are effective, they build a culture that invites innovation, growth, and the ability for their teams and organization to thrive.
The Richeal Group is comprised of certified Executive Leadership and Career Coaches who use evidence-based knowledge, tailor-made plans, and experience to help their clients reach and exceed their goals. The Richeal Group stands ready to level up your performance and coach you to success.
A good leadership coach is an individual who listens and understands the goals of their client. They then work with their client to achieve those goals using strategically focused frameworks, models, and assessments to guide their client to successful self-directed solutions.
As a leadership coaching client, you should expect to receive one-on-one professional coaching with a knowledgeable Executive Leadership Coach who will help you maximize your strengthens and reach your desired goals.
If are looking to learn new leadership skills, hone existing leadership skills, or grow your career and leadership influence, then leadership coaching is right for you.
Mentors provide advice, guidance, motivation, and support to a mentee based on their experience. Coaches are knowledgeable, professional, focused, and strategic. A leadership coach helps their clients discover self-directed solutions, clarify vision and purpose, and develop leadership strengths and knowledge to become effective in their role as a leader.
Leadership coaching sessions are either in person or using a video-conferencing platform, such as, Zoom, to facilitate open dialogue to create a plan and pathway for a client to move forward and achieve their most sought-after goals.
The Richeal Group will provide you a competitive cost proposal based minimally on the type of training, length of workshop/coaching time, number of participants, travel expense, (if needed), and industry standards.
When you are ready and have the desire and commitment to grow as a leader, then that is the time you should contact the Richeal Group to move your career forward. It is important that you can commit to the process to allow for the best outcome.
A coaching session is an agreement between the Coach and the Client to establish a path forward to leadership effectiveness; therefore, there is no set timeframe. However, a typical coaching session is an hour long. Most coaching agreements begin with six sessions to allow for the establishment of rapport between the coach and the client, development of an action plan, and create self-directed solutions to move the client forward in a confident and sustainable manner.
Leadership Coaching is the best method for establishing and building team cohesion. Teams thrive in environments where their members are treated with dignity, trust, respect, and have a voice. Providing your team with new knowledge, strategies, tools, and leadership skills allows them the opportunity to grow together, learn from one another, thus, creating a state of organizational synergy and well-being.

The Richeal Group is focused on developing top notch, cutting edge leaders. Our leadership training is focused on topics such as, Emotional, Social, Conversational, and Cultural Intelligence, Building Rapport, Communication, Leadership Characteristics, Transformational Leadership, Team Cohesion, Introspection, and the importance of connecting personal and organizational Values.
To maximize leadership learning, The Richeal Group believes in facilitated discussion and participation from its attendees. The average class size is 25-30 participants to enable everyone’s voice to be heard and contribute to the overall workshop experience.
Career Coaching is helping the client navigate their career path and take it to the next level of personal and professional achievement. The Richeal Group takes Career Coaching one step further by infusing leadership skills and knowledge into each session to elevate their client’s chances at achieving that next level of success.
The Richeal Group views career assessments as a starting point to plan your career pathway. An assessment provides a baseline metric to gage your personal attributes, such as, strengths, weakness, and skills and how they may fit with a certain career path you are interested in.

The Richeal Group views personal growth as a mindset coupled with an action as a must if you want to obtain next level success. Without continuous learning, you will remain in a state of status quo and outdated perspective; thus, lowering your ability to achieve your goals. Personal growth is believing you can be more, learn more, do more, and achieve more, and then doing it. Each positive action creates a space for intention and increased motivation and achievement.
The Richeal Group believes anyone can benefit from personal growth and leadership coaching. Leadership and personal growth coaching are just that personal growth. You either want to grow and contribute as a human being or you do not. Personal Growth = Personal Choice.
The Richeal Group will provide you with all the necessary materials to lead you to the best outcome. The initial preparation will consist of a one hour, one-time, no-fee strategy session to see if coaching is right for you.

Coaching sessions can be paid for by either. Some organizations offer coaching to their employees as a means of investing in the wellbeing and personal growth of their employees. Some individuals pay for coaching sessions to invest in themselves and show their employers they are committed to personal growth and leadership development; thus, making them as asset to the organization.
Canceling your coaching session should be easy with any coach. There is typically a severability clause in the contract you and your coach have agreed to. Be sure you read the contract and communicate your concerns with your leadership coach before you move forward and sign the contract.
The Founder of the Richeal Group is certified as a Leadership Coach with the John Maxwell Team; certified as an Advanced Relationship Coach with the Coaching Institute and is the Lead Master Coach and creator of the MAGNUS Leadership Coaching Certification Program© with the National Command and Staff College. Richeal Group associates have varying degrees of certifications and experience. The Richeal Group also subscribes to the International Coaching Federations (ICF) Code of Ethics.
Upon completing a leadership training course, you will receive a certificate of completion showing you attended the course. You will also receive new knowledge to immediately integrate into your daily interactions and routines.
Measuring results, often referred to as the Return on Investment (ROI), is measured on several levels both tangible and intangible. Tangible – acquisition and application of new knowledge, skills and insight, modification in behavior and attitude, personal and professional growth, improved productivity, and job success. Intangibles – employee satisfaction, teamwork cohesion, reduced stress, and fewer complaints from staff and customers. Client feedback and outcome success are also factored into the ROI.