Personal Growth


Inspires Introspective Leadership

1-day course (8 hours)

Course Description

Leadership is introspection with a higher purpose. Effective leaders understand influence is the key to unlocking the unconscious potential and value in others. With a refined balance of technical knowledge, cognitive skills, and emotional competence, leaders can create a fulfilled and productive personal and professional life. In this course, attendees will be asked thought-provoking questions aimed at unleashing the most powerful attribute we possess, our self-awareness. They will be internally challenged to identify and defend their values, beliefs, and judgments of others through introspective reflection. Some of the concepts discussed in this session will delve into Introspection, Positive Leadership Traits, Team Coaching, Values, Intentional Living, Work-life Balance, and Goal Setting; and how each serve as an important foundation for developing trust and respect among others while providing overall personal and professional satisfaction.